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Here's what the Turbine Hall looked like before it became #TateModern! #BehindTheArt
2014/3/27 10:15:29 , Propagado: 898 veces
Did you know artworks were sent into the Underground for protection during the Second World War? #BehindTheArt
2014/3/27 16:46:38 , Propagado: 294 veces
La 1ère #MuseumWeek européenne commence aujourd'hui. Retrouvez tous les participants sur https:…
2014/3/24 6:03:24 , Propagado: 232 veces
The Great Court, designed by Norman Foster, opened in 2000 and is the largest covered square in Europe #BehindTheArt
2014/3/27 17:08:46 , Propagado: 218 veces
#MuseumMastermind Wassily Kandinsky (not Paul Klee!) was the longest serving teacher at the Bauhaus!
2014/3/25 14:44:28 , Propagado: 209 veces
#ArchiMW #MuseumWeek Depuis les toits du Louvre, vue imprenable sur les ponts de @Paris
2014/3/29 12:11:59 , Propagado: 203 veces
In the old museum at Montagu House there were stuffed giraffes on the staircase! #BehindTheArt
2014/3/27 13:02:37 , Propagado: 197 veces
#CoulissesMW Parmi les métiers recherchés au @MuseeOrsay : alpiniste ! #MuseumWeek
2014/3/24 8:14:03 , Propagado: 191 veces
La 1ère #MuseumWeek démarre fort dans toute l'Europe. Tous les participants sont sur
2014/3/24 10:57:03 , Propagado: 190 veces
#Museummemories Mujeres campesinas en el @museodelprado Campaña de la Segunda República…
2014/3/26 13:18:13 , Propagado: 188 veces
The South Kensington Museum was the first in the world to provide a public restaurant 1868! #BehindTheArt #MuseumWeek
2014/3/27 15:35:28 , Propagado: 176 veces
Dürer had to #GetCreative with his famous Rhinoceros woodcut. He never saw the animal!
2014/3/30 7:48:43 , Propagado: 173 veces
Velázquez está al mismo nivel q reyes e infanta: reivindica su nobleza y carácter liberal d la pintura #MuseumSelfies ht…
2014/3/29 12:00:09 , Propagado: 173 veces
Curators @SueBrunningBM & @rosieweetch are busy installing the #SuttonHoo helmet, ready for Thursday! #DayInTheLife
2014/3/24 12:08:33 , Propagado: 165 veces
Champollion used the Rosetta Stone to translate Egyptian hieroglyphs #MuseumMastermind
2014/3/25 12:40:22 , Propagado: 163 veces
Así suena la sala de "El jardín de las Delicias": #ADayInTheLife #MuseumWeek
2014/3/24 16:52:51 , Propagado: 161 veces
Our recap of the week-long European #MuseumWeek celebration:
2014/3/31 1:01:21 , Propagado: 159 veces
Today it's #MuseumMastermind for #MuseumWeek so watch for fiendish questions and riddles (but not from the sphinx)
2014/3/25 7:37:51 , Propagado: 149 veces
Construction of the iconic Round Reading Room in 1855, designed by Sydney Smirke, and opened in 1857 #BehindTheArt
2014/3/27 15:44:52 , Propagado: 147 veces
UK discovered more elements in periodic table than any other country cc @FCOJamesT @sciencemuseum #museumweek
2014/3/27 9:41:13 , Propagado: 146 veces
Production Manager Scott Starck accessing the BFI National Archive's film print collection #MuseumWeek #ADayInTheLife…
2014/3/24 11:00:13 , Propagado: 140 veces
Here's the Greek goddess of memory, Mnemosyne, to help you with your own #MuseumMemories!
2014/3/26 8:30:38 , Propagado: 139 veces
C'est parti pour la #MuseumWeek. Aujourd'hui, l'envers du décor des établissement culturels avec #CoulissesMW
2014/3/24 7:28:59 , Propagado: 139 veces
What has been your favourite installation in the Turbine Hall and why? #MuseumMemories
2014/3/26 11:32:45 , Propagado: 135 veces
Today's #MuseumWeek theme is #MuseumMemories – poet Ben Okri called the British Museum 'the memory of mankind'
2014/3/26 8:23:31 , Propagado: 125 veces
A sunny start to #MuseumWeek! Ever wondered what it's like working in a museum? Follow #DayInTheLife to find out...
2014/3/24 10:27:52 , Propagado: 123 veces
Casón del Buen Retiro, antes salón de baile, se agrega al Museo para exhibir SXIX y Guernica, Picasso #MuseumMemories
2014/3/26 12:18:17 , Propagado: 121 veces
Ever wondered what's it like to be a curator? Tomorrow's #MuseumWeek theme is #AskTheCurator, so have your qs ready!
2014/3/27 17:43:08 , Propagado: 120 veces
A look back at Met Gala moments of the past: #MuseumMemories @metmuseum
2014/3/26 18:19:23 , Propagado: 120 veces
The Museum was designed by architect Alfred Waterhouse and opened to the public 18 Apr 1881 #BehindTheArt #MuseumWeek
2014/3/27 7:52:47 , Propagado: 115 veces
#MuseumMastermind #FACT: There are more than 50 FREE national museums across the UK and countless independent ones, so get exploring!
2014/3/25 15:00:14 , Propagado: 115 veces
Do you remember the first time you came to #TateModern? We want to hear your #MuseumMemories!
2014/3/26 10:00:06 , Propagado: 114 veces
It's #MuseumWeek and Monday means it's time for our regular #MysteryObject. Any ideas what this is?
2014/3/24 10:44:28 , Propagado: 113 veces
Enjoying the #BehindTheArt tweets e.g. MT @Tate what the Turbine Hall looked like before it became #TateModern!
2014/3/27 12:50:53 , Propagado: 112 veces
#FONTSUNDAY alert. This week as part of #MuseumWeek it’s time to #GetCreative & create your own Design Museum type. http:…
2014/3/29 13:00:32 , Propagado: 112 veces
La disposición de #Goya en “La familia de Carlos IV” recuerda a Velázquez en “Las Meninas”#MuseumSelfies
2014/3/29 12:08:41 , Propagado: 111 veces
#imagineMW On se quitte imaginant si Orsay n'était pas devenu musée. Demain c'est #QuestionMW #MuseumWeek
2014/3/27 18:50:16 , Propagado: 110 veces
We want to see your #MetSelfie! Share your selfies at the Museum on Instagram and Twitter. #MuseumSelfies #MuseumWeek
2014/3/29 15:30:03 , Propagado: 109 veces
Which artist has blown up a shed, wrapped sculpture in string & put Tilda Swinton in a glass case? #MuseumMastermind
2014/3/25 16:02:32 , Propagado: 108 veces
En Restauración también tienen sus momentos de relax… Helene y Andrés a la hora del té #BehindTheArt
2014/3/27 13:29:12 , Propagado: 107 veces
Did you know that the Enlightenment Gallery has a secret door? #BehindTheArt
2014/3/27 16:56:00 , Propagado: 106 veces